november, 2020

12nov11:00 amInclusive Communication: Getting it Right


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Have you discovered your team members communication fluctuating in the last months? Are your team communicating effectively enough? Is everyone really having their voice heard?

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With diversity, equality and inclusion remaining high on the agenda of many companies, we must look at the practise which can impact all the aspects of diversity: communication. Not only can the way we communicate affect how biases are interpreted, but we all have our own individual cognitive diverties.

Different ways of interpreting stimulus and communicating with each other, based on our thinking preferences.

An awareness of our own cognitive preference will ensure that we more deeply recognise, and are able to adapt our communication to others to ensure we demonstrate our inclusivity to others in the more effective way.

In this webinar, we will explore and examine how the challenges of 2020 have impacted the way our teams consciously or subconsciously communicate with each other, or our clients and customers.

We will look at ways to adapt and influence our communication style to ensure we are more aware of, and inclusive of our cognitive diversity.

Learn about cognitive diversity and how it impacts the way our teams operate

Understand about the importance of positively adapting our communication to ensure diversity of thought.

Receive free tools and your own Cognitive Diversity Profile Report

This webinar is for HR professionals, and any leader or manager who is interested in enhancing the way your team operates, regardless of geographical distribution.

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(Thursday) 11:00 am