november, 2020

19nov11:00 amLeading a Diverse Team through Change


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How can you make sure every one of your team members is on board as you go through change? How can you maximise productivity while supporting your team through change? How can your team’s diversity be a competitive advantage?

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Whether current circumstances have created barriers or opportunities for your organisation, we’ve all been forced to make changes.

However, change is personal. We are all experiencing what’s happening differently. The physical, mental and emotional challenges that we’re facing are different for everyone and we each have our own attitude, experience and resources for helping us deal with those changes.

Perhaps some of your team seem to be coping well with the constant change and uncertainty we’re all experiencing. Some not so much.

What’s certainly true is that change isn’t going way any time soon.

In this webinar we’ll look at what we mean by diversity and how we can use this to make the most of any change, whether it’s change we’ve instigated or it’s been forced upon us.

We’ll take time to explore our natural reaction to change and how that may differ from others. Using this knowledge will provide insight into what we need to do or say to support and motivate others to embrace the change, and by turning these actions into habits we’ll build teams that are more resilient in times of change.

Join our webinar to:
• Reflect on the diversity of your team and what they have in common
• Consider your needs in times of change and how that differs from what your team may need from you
• Appreciate how the diversity in your team can support change through better problem-solving, decision-making and innovation.

• Leaders at any level in your organisation

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