Case Study

NSG Group

Challenge: New business strategy to become a value-added glass company, need to better align procurement strategy with this business objective and help change mindset across the group to be more tuned into customer’s needs.
NSG Group, Innovation Beehive
One of the World’s leading manufacturers of glass and glazing systems. Sales of over £400 million and 27,000 employees.
It was professional, fun, efficient and it exceeded all expectations. We were astonished as how much we achieved in one day; which is a testament to the Innovation Beehive team and the rigour to which they applied the process.
John Wilgar, Category Director – Energy, non-float Direct Materials & Supplier Development


Insight-led, one day workshop to help to define what strategic value-added procurement should look like and create a vision for the future.

Designed and facilitated workshop for 15 people with half coming from outside of procurement team. Conducted series of interviews with senior management, prior to the workshop, to gather insights which were discussed in detail at the session. Facilitated discussion which defined key pillars of value-added procurement. Follow up session conducted internally to identify what needed to change to achieve the vision.


New vision created for procurement; fully aligned to value-added business strategy.

Identified areas of opportunity and gained detailed feedback on what worked and what needed to change.

Positioned procurement as a key driver to achieve the new business strategy.