Case Study

Egon Zehnder

Challenge: Wanted to unlock the creativity of their people, first time the firm had engaged in an interactive workshop with all 440 consultants and required improved teamwork between consultants across the organisation.
Global leadership solutions firm with 440 consultants in 69 offices across 41 countries.
Working with The Innovation Beehive was a real pleasure. They cared a lot for the success of the workshop, committing to make it work perfectly. They were very nimble; listened very well and had great ideas. But they were also willing to adjust so it worked for our culture. It was true co-creation.
Laurence Monnery – Partner, Egon Zehnder


A half-day, co-created Hackathon focused on generating ideas on how to have better discussions with clients around needs and how the firm could help them.

Designed and delivered a credible hackathon which resonated with a highly intelligent and sceptical audience. 65 consultants trained in innovation facilitation techniques prior to the hackathon. Teams created of mixed seniority, tenure and practices/sectors. Five-stage activity aligned with leadership profiles and archetypes. Highlights and ideas generated recorded in a summary Prezi.


Ideas generated and showcased at an evening gala dinner.

Upskilled consultants to use brainstorming techniques linked to real challenges.

Enhanced confidence – comfortable running meetings in an interactive way and willing to take risks to boost innovation.

Consultants gained a broader appreciation of what they wanted to communicate in a client meeting, not just an intellectual discussion.

Improved team-working by focusing more on the strengths of each team member.