Case Study

McDonald's Global

How can we bring our global culture to life in 119 markets in a way that delivers our brand promise whilst integrating into the local context, so that our customers and people receive the best possible experience from our restaurants wherever they are?
You worked in true partnership with us, to develop a solution that landed extremely well with our senior global population and will ultimately help us to deliver strategy of becoming a better McDonald’s.
Global Chief Talent Officer


McDonald’s is a huge business, employing over 1 million people, and feeding 60 million people daily.

The Golden Arches are synonymous with their brand and, in order to ensure the brand promise was delivered consistently, they developed a global culture with three pillars: Customer Obsessed, Better Together, and Committed to Lead.


We supported McDonald’s Global to bring their cultural pillars to life in every market. We worked with a Working Party, to co-create a Culture Toolkit, taking best practice and inspiration from across the markets, to provide a roadmap to culture and tools which HR Leaders in individual markets could utilise in a way that enabled them to flex the content and delivery to meet their local requirements.


The Toolkit was rolled out in every market, and the majority of markets began to implement the Culture Roadmap. In the UK market, for example, the Toolkit was used with the Exec to identify gaps in the culture work to-date, and ideas from the toolkit were implemented in the business. The toolkit received positive feedback from stakeholders and the Culture Roadmap provided the business with a common language for articulating the drive towards cultural transformation. The toolkit was also useful to the global HQ, when finalising their plans to move to their new offices, because it provided them with a structure for considering the culture of their office.