Case Study

Leading Wine Retailer

Challenge: Recently merged with an online retailer, vision to create an engaging customer service experience and employees struggled to uncover customer missions thus not maximising sales.
Leading wine specialist with 211 stores across the UK and 450 employees.
Our Managing Director loved it, he thought the game concept was terrific
Operations Director


Insight-driven training experience which would bring to life the customer journey with stores.

Information gathered through scenario-led mystery shops, one-to-one interviews with store colleagues and in-store observations.

Insights synthesised and fed back to working party consisting of head office and store managers.

Idea generation session with store colleagues facilitated, focused on what a successful training intervention would look like.


12 ‘Magic Moments’, which enhance customer experience and that make their service unique, were identified and incorporated into the training.

Authentic learning experience was created using real-world dilemmas and scenarios.

Collaborative development of physical in-store training game, following the five-stages of the customer journey.

Store staff are able to identify shopper missions and adapt sales approach according to that they learn on the training game.