There is no Leadership Playbook to help us through this pandemic. Many of us have activated our Business Continuity Plan, but few of us ever planned for a situation like this. Or for the volatility and shifting dynamics that it brings.

What our people and our customers need now will be different in a week and different in a month. Therefore, as Leaders we will be required to shift our focus away from a fixed solution mindset and move towards a more flexible position, adopting frameworks and new ways of thinking, to provide adaptive Leadership and changing solutions.

There are few certainties at the moment, but we are running marathon than a sprint. The world, certainly in the short term, will not return to business as usual. The impact of events such as 9/11 and the financial crash of 2008 reverberated for a prolonged period before we returned to business as usual.

Looking at what has guided Leaders through previous periods of uncertainty, we can see that a Roadmap has emerged and has been repeated throughout history – whether it be Spanish Flu or financial meltdown. It consists of 4 stages, each of which will require changing Leadership behaviours, actions capabilities.

The four stages of this Roadmap for Uncertain Times are:

Our business model and ways of working changed and we are trying to understand the new context

We are adapting our business model and establishing new ways of working

Some restrictions have been lifted and we can begin to partially return to work

We are trading in a post Covid-19 environment and need to rebuild the collective spirit of our people

This framework provides Leaders with the momentum to lead through the current crisis, as opposed to fixating upon it.  It highlights a way to navigate customer and employee expectations and concerns, and rebuild teams, business processes and respond to the new normal on the other side.


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