Your people are your greatest problem solvers.

Through their engagement with customers and colleagues, they have a collective understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing your business. With the right skills, they can channel this insight into powerful creativity, which generates solutions to your business challenges.

Our expert innovation consultants can help release the creative potential of your people to solve your business challenges.


Do your leaders understand the innovation imperative and are they equipped to lead people to deliver innovation?

Getting customer experience right can be the difference between your organisation flying or failing in these disruptive times. Whether you’re a retailer, B2B or online, your customers are increasingly looking for a differentiated customer experience in addition to the product or service they are buying.

We support our clients to explore and develop their customer journey, build cultures of customer service, and idea generate around ways to improve the customer experience.

Our approach is co-creative and collaborative, using Design Thinking to ensure the customer remains at the heart of everything we support you to do.


Do you want your people to feel empowered and engaged, to drive productivity and business objectives?

Most HR leaders recognise the importance of thinking about the employee experience, but so often the mechanisms in place to foster employee engagement do not land as intended in the organisation. We have identified that this is often because there is a misalignment between the organisational culture and the specific interventions developed.

Our employee experience consulting can help you solve this challenge. Whether you are seeking to develop an employee value proposition, employment brand, values and vision, or specific interventions, we can help ensure they reflect, and therefore support, your organisational culture.

By taking the innovative approach of applying Design Thinking to organisational challenges, we are able to co-create solutions with our clients which enable their people to thrive.


The Innovation Ecosystem is our model for helping you to make innovation sustainable in your business. If your experience is like many of our clients, ‘innovation’ is likely on the lips of your CEO and board, and you may be looking for ways that you can support this key business driver.

In our consulting programme for The Innovation Ecosystem, we support you to diagnose your Innovation Ecosystem, using our Innovation Ecosystem Diagnostic, we work your leaders to set the Direction and Environment, and then we co-create an Engine and Enablers to support the whole organisation to develop an Innovation Ecosystem which works for you and your people.

The programme supports the development of organisational and individual innovation capability, ensuring the creative potential of your people can be applied to the challenges that matter to you and to your customers.

The Innovation Ecosystem breaks down an organisations innovation efforts into four elements:

The Direction: set and driven by leaders

The Environment: fostered by leaders, embodied in the culture, and driven by targeted communications and people-focused mechanisms

The Engine: built to allow creativity to translate into value through the process of innovation

The Enablers: behavioural and practical capability building, reward structures, and mechanisms to foster collaboration


If you are looking for ways to embed innovation into your business or have a challenge you and your team need to think through more creatively, then The Innovation Beehive is your perfect partner.