Your people are a source of limitless creative potential.
Yet so many companies let this creative potential lie dormant and untapped.

If you are seeking to drive innovation in your organisation, your people need to be led in a way that encourages innovation and equipped to unlock their innovation potential.

Our training programmes for leaders and teams are the catalyst which will enable your people to channel their creative potential towards innovation, to deliver value for your customers, your employees, and your business.


Do your leaders understand the innovation imperative and are they equipped to lead people to deliver innovation?

If you want innovation to thrive in your business, it must be enabled and led by your senior leadership team. Our leading for innovation workshop both demonstrates to leaders the urgent need to build an innovative organisation and equips them to lead their people towards this goal.

Output Orientated

Leading for Innovation is designed with an action-orientation. Your leaders will be challenged throughout the programme to explore how their learning can be applied to your organisation, and what actions they can take to create an innovation mindset in their people and lead the innovation process.

Data Driven

The workshop’s foundation is The Innovation Ecosystem, and our Innovation Ecosystem Diagnostic gives your leaders a snapshot of the Innovation landscape in your business. This will enable them to draw relevant conclusions on leadership actions to drive innovation in your organisations.


The learning outcomes of Leading for Innovation will be sustainable for your business, because the content is made bespoke to your organisation through the Innovation Ecosystem Diagnostic. Bespoke content ensures the learning outcomes are relevant to your leaders, and sustainable in your context.


Are you looking to build the capability of your people to be more innovative and agile?

Your people are the key to unlocking innovation in your organisation, but you need to equip them with the tools and give them the process required to deliver innovation. Our Delivering Agile Innovation course is exactly what your people need to think and work in a more agile and innovative way.

Proven Process

Innovation will be most effective when your people have a common process and language for innovation. This enables better collaboration and communication about ideas. Design Thinking gives your people the structure and vocabulary they need to make innovation work across your business.

Managing Mindset

A key blocker to innovation is the mindset people bring. Delivering Agile Innovation addresses this blocker by enabling people to manage the mindset they and their teams bring to the innovation process. This ensures time spent in innovation is used effectively, and delivers results.

Creative Capability

Conventional education trains us away from creativity. Delivering Agile Innovation re-builds the creative capability of your people. Our easy to use tools will equip your people to be more creative, ensuring they are able to deliver ideas which surprise your competitors and delight your customers.


This is our newest training programme, launching in mid-2019. If you’d like to be amongst the first to hear about this exciting new programme when it launches, please pre-register here